World map for APRS

in ESRI Shapefile format


Rendered map
Full page PNG version 263K
Full page PDF version 702K

Here is a political outline of the world in ESRI shapefile format. It is suitable GIS applications, as well as APRS programs that support shapefiles like Xastir.

The data is based upon a free map published by TerraSpace, Russia as referenced by Geocommunity. I added Antarctica after Curt Mills pointed out that there was a missing continent. Antartica's data came from the Digital Chart of the World and was reprojected into NAD27 to agree with the rest of the world.

You can download the shapefile in tar/bzip2 format. To uncompress the files you should use a command like tar -xjf world.tar.bz2 on a modern *nix system.

or if you need it uncompressed because you don't have tar and bzip2 or zip then you can visit the uncompressed directory and download much bigger files.


The area of Antarctica in the above files is incorrect. Ilija Milicevic sent along this note and updated file:

Here is the World Map with the "correct" AREA field for Antarctica (I used the figure from Wikipedia). If you wish to use a more correct value or enter additional fields, you can do that by downloading Quantum GIS, opening the vector layer, toggling editing on, opening the attribute table and editing the right entries. Quantum is Open Source and runs on all major platform (even though it runs with fewer bugs on my Windows boxes than on my Ubuntu boxes).

Last modified: 2009-02-12